Top 10 Kirk Douglas Films Worth Watching

If Douglas was not a household name already, his epic portrayal of a rebellious slave, Spartacus became a huge critical and box-office success. The film’s positive response also helped put an end to the Hollywood Ten, a group of film industry workers that were “blacklisted” from Hollywood for being suspected of having “communist tendencies.” “I was intrigued with the character of Spartacus, and I just had to make it. And, at the same time, we were going through a terrible period, the McCarthy era… I’m very proud that Spartacus broke the blacklist [by giving blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo screen credit], because that was very important. … It happened at the right time for me,” said Douglas. “I was young enough to be foolish. … It’s nice to make a movie that people enjoy and that does something.”

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