The top 10 best of VR in 2016

3. Raw Data, Survios (HTC Vive) // Most Addictive VR Experience

[Disclaimer: Shasta Ventures, the employer of this writer, is an investor in the company.]

Survios’ Raw Data is the most addictive single player first person shooter on VR. Full stop. The mechanics of the interactions between user and robot targets raises the blood pressure by a good 20 points. This application uses height in room space more significantly than any other VR app I’ve seen, and that leads to much more physical game play: full body turning, twisting, reaching, and jump sliding in full six degrees of motion. Increasingly difficult waves of robot attackers and audio cues often lead to heart-stopping moments when something has snuck up behind you, and watch out for the screeching of “undead robots” as they hurtle themselves at you through space. The levels are sufficiently difficult to keep you playing for hours, a sweaty workout is a positive byproduct, and while the collaborative multiplayer is fun, a competitive PvP multiplayer mode would be game changing.

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