Ryan Reynolds on a Bear Rug, Milo Ventimiglia's Butt and Hollywood's 10 Best Marketing Campaigns of 2016

Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The campaign for Deadpool was as saucy and audacious as the movie itself — including the instantly iconic poster of the raunchy superhero, played by Ryan Reynolds, on a bearskin rug (a riff on Burt Reynolds’ famous Cosmopolitan centerfold). “With a lot of superhero films, the first hint of whether fans think you’re doing it right is the costume reveal. We knew we couldn’t do a typical one,” says Weinstock. A Deadpool billboard with a poop emoji was another big win. “Every piece of content served a purpose,” says Weinstock. But perhaps the biggest secret weapon was Reynolds himself. “I could email Marc at 3 in the morning with marketing pitches and ideas, and somehow a response would come back within 10 or 15 minutes,” says the actor, who spent more than a decade trying to get Deadpool into production.That viral video of Deadpool trick-or-treating with real kids on Halloween? Reynolds’ idea. The movie went on to gross $782.6 million worldwide, a record for an R-rated film.

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