News: The big Mass Effect: Andromeda patch has fixed the faces

The big ME:A patch 1.05 went live yesterday, and holy hell, what a difference some eye shading makes. Check out the comparison below from Redditor jizabo.

With the addition of a bit of shading, and getting Addison to dial back the eye shadow and blend that goddamn blusher out, lady, many characters no longer stare into your soul quite as terrifyingly.

There have also been improvements to some animations, which you can see in this direct comparison video from YouTuber YongYea (the Addison footage starts at 1.08).

Foster ‘My Face is Tired’ Addison became the unfortunate poster child for Andromeda’s animation problems, but as you can see she’s now able to frown and does, in fact, look a bit tired. 

It’s worth pointing out that in our review we found more problems with technical bugs and glitches than with the animations. Some people are still reporting that game breaking bugs they’ve encountered haven’t been fixed in this patch. BioWare has previously said that Andromeda will continue to receive support with future patches.

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