News: Nintendo Switch uses Friend Codes and has a 300 friend limit

This morning, Nintendo pushed out the day one update for the Nintendo Switch that adds the eShop for digital purchases, and also brings back the much-maligned Friend Codes in order to become online pals on the console. At launch there will be a 300 person limit on friend lists, Nintendo has confirmed.

Prior to the update, it was unclear, yet almost expected, that Nintendo would drop the antiquated system in favour of something more akin to the way you befriend others on Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

Like previous Nintendo hardware, you must ask whoever it is that you want to friend for their 12-digit Friend Code, and then input it into your Switch. You can add people local to you, as well as those that you’ve played with before, but there are caveats to that process, too.

Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

When searching for nearby online Switch owners, it seems you must both match your coloured symbols like a game of virtual snap.

It boggles the mind as to why Nintendo is going to make Switch owners go through the same arduous process that they’ve done in older generations seeing as it is almost universally disliked.

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