News: Kickstarter launches Patreon-like subscription service Drip

Crowd funding platform Kickstarter has seen many video games that mightn’t otherwise have been funded get out the door and into the hands of the video game playing public such as Broken Age, Wasteland 2, and the long forgotten about Ouya. 

Today, Kickstarter launched Drip, a service which is similar to Patreon in that rather than a one time transaction, you subscribe to a creator/service and give them a monthly payment in exchange for early access to certain materials and exclusive supporter-only stuff.  

There are a few big names attached to it off the bat such as UK stand-up comedian Richard Herring, but from a video games perspective, Mooneye Studios is the first developer to get onboard with its game Lost Ember. On the team’s Drip page, it’s described as ‘a narrative-driven exploration adventure in a beautiful nature setting, letting the player uncover the secrets of a sunken civilization through a spirit companion.’

Mooneye is looking to release the game in the Autumn of 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There are plans to launch with a VR mode, too, but the Drip page isn’t clear if that’s for either PC, PS4, or both. It’s obviously hard to tell at this stage whether studios will flock to Drip in the same way they did Kickstarter, but time will tell. If you like, you can back Lost Ember at a variety of different tiers with the highest tier granting you access to the most content. Standard.

Drip first launched a few years ago as a way for some independent bands and artists to get their music out there to people, all while getting a few dollars for their troubles. Kickstarter acquired Drip in March, 2016.

You can learn a bit more about Drip by heading to the official website, and have a look at a piece of art from Mooneye Studios’ Lost Ember below.

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