News: Jurassic World Evolution introduces a very photogenic T-Rex in first gameplay footage

Frontier has revealed the first gameplay footage for its in development business simulation and strategy game, Jurassic World Evolution. The two minute video doesn’t give much about the game away but it does show us some of the game’s well rendered dinosaurs, a hovering helicopter, a snarling T-Rex juxtaposed against the setting sun, and lots of lovely scenery. It all looks so serene, barring the long-extinct creatures running about.

The gameplay footage doesn’t show how the actual game will play when it’s released. What it does show however is some rather lovely environments, taken from the five islands that’ll feature in the game, and it also introduces some of the many dinosaurs that’ll feature. We get to see a nice close up of the Triceratops, some Brontosauruses milling about by the trees, and of course the Tyrannosaurus Rex makes an appearance.

In Jurassic World Evolution, players will get to ‘build their very own dinosaur world’ and manage it like a true eccentric and profit-chasing CEO. Players will be able to bioengineer new dinosaur breeds, build new attractions, create containment and research facilities, and hopefully find a means of securing everything much better than the films (and books) have managed to so far. Frontier has said that, ‘every decision you make in building your park will lead you down many different paths but remember, life finds a way.’ Think of it as Theme Park, where instead of too much salt on the chips you can simply drop a Velociraptor into the path of unsuspecting park attendees.

Jurassic World Evolution is currently planned for a release on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Summer 2018.

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