News: Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.20 updates photo mode so Aloy can look deep into your eyes

The latest patch for Horizon Zero Dawn fixes a lot of different reported bugs and crashes, as well as improving some existing features. Chief amongst these is the photo mode, which now has an option to make Aloy look directly into camera, nay, not just the camera, but your soul, too (picture for reference below).

It also adds three new filters, new poses and some facial expression options for Aloy, an option to hide Aloy’s head gear, and a grid overlay to help you really dial in on that rule-of-thirds business.

horizon zero dawn photo mode

Other improvements include sensitivity sliders for the camera on both the X and Y axis, new custom HUD options to play around with (including dynamic quest markers), and filters and a legend for the icons on the map. 

You can see the full list of fixes here, but be warned that some of the bug fixes include story details that you might think of as spoilers.

The PlayStation blog goes into more detail on the changes to the camera mode, as well as highlighting some of the community photos that the team at Guerrilla really liked.

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