News: Fancy some Horizon Zero Dawn merch? Sony has you covered

Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping up to be a big hit for Sony, but did you know you’ll also be able to snap up a range of merch designed to “take you deeper into the world that Guerrilla is creating”.

An art book certainly could help take you deeper into the world, but we’re not sure the same can be said of a mug. Still, here’s some of what Sony has coming.

The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn (from Titan Publishing)

Featuring over 300 stunning images, including sketches and concept art, alongside commentary from the game’s artists and creators, this is the ultimate coffee table companion-piece to Horizon Zero Dawn.

In Stock: March 2017

Available from: Forbidden Planet

A Limited Edition will also be available, presented in a debossed slipcase with a different cover, and containing an exclusive art print signed by the Guerrilla Games art team. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Thunderjaw Collection (from Project TriForce)

The colossal Thunderjaw stalks the land – and the nightmares of its tribal warriors, including the outcast huntress Aloy. And now you can bring this deadly machine into your home with the Thunderjaw Collection.

Horizon Zero Dawn merch

This breathtaking statue is modelled in an iconic pose atop the land it rules, stands 15” tall and 15.6” long from nose to tail – and comprises over 200 assembled parts.

You can also plot your path to survival with an exclusive game world map and own Aloy’s advanced tech earpiece, which she uses to analyse her surroundings and enemies through augmented reality.

Also included are two exclusive lithograph prints, depicting gorgeous artwork from the game.

In Stock: March 2017

Available from: Project TriForce

Limited Horizon Zero Dawn art prints (from Cook & Becker)

Horizon Zero Dawn merch

In stock: Available now

Available from: Cook & Becker 

Clothing and accessories (from Bioworld Europe and Gaya Entertainment)

Horizon Zero Dawn merch
  • White T-shirt, robotic dino collage (available from online retailers, including Amazon and Gamestop)
  • Blue T-shirt, robotic dino (available from online retailers, including Amazon and Gamestop)
  • Black hoody cover collage (available from Amazon)
  • Navy T-shirt, painted Aloy (available from Game Legends)
  • White T-shirt, vast lands (available from Game Legends)
  • Grey T-shirt, Stormbringer (available from Game Legends)
  • Zip-up hoody (available from Game Legends)
  • Baseball cap (available from Game Legends)
  • Wallscroll cover art (available from Game Legends)
  • Wallet (available from Game Legends)
  • Messenger bag (available from Game Legends)
  • Keychain (available from Gamestop)

Posters and mugs (from GB Eye)

Horizon Zero Dawn merch

In Stock: Available now

– Mugs, posters and framed prints (available from GB Posters)

Horizon Zero Dawn launches exclusively for PS4 on March 1.

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