News: Destiny's final update features a rather cool nod to the game's past

Destiny’s final live game update – Age of Triumph – features a super cool Easter egg, which players over on Reddit have already spotted.

Those who want to discover the hidden bonus for themselves should leave this page now.

If you love reading about spoilers then read on.

The Easter egg relates to the infamous “That wizard came from the Moon!” line of dialogue spoken by Peter Dinklage in the PS4 alpha test in 2014. This was later cut and Dinklage ended up being replaced by Nolan North.

After you’ve updated the game, enter the classic The Dark Within mission and you’ll hear the classic Dinklage line of dialogue, then a cough followed by Nolan North. Bravo Bungie.

Meanwhile the hype train for Destiny 2 is moving along rather nicely, with the full reveal coming Thursday at 6pm.

Source: Reddit

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