News: A giant ad for 'God of W' is going up for E3; there's no telling what it could be for

In preparation for E3 next week, a giant ad for a game coming out on PS4 is being put up on the side of a building. The photo shows an incomplete title that so far reads ‘God of W’ and people are having fun speculating on what this new game could be!

Okay, so obviously we all know this is for the new game in the God of War series (called God of War, in the unhelpful tradition of the new Battlefield game calling itself Battlefield 1 and the new Star Wars: Battlefront games being called Star Wars: Battlefront). 

What is slightly more interesting, however, is that this is the same building that was plastered with a giant ad for Horizon Zero Dawn last year:

E3 building ads

Recently a German retailer reportedly listed the release date for God of War as January 18 2018, and the voice actor Christopher Judge had previously mentioned a 2018 release on his Twitter profile. The ad is a small brick in that wall too, as Horizon ended up with a release date in late February/early March (depending on your region), which is a similar window…

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