Colonel panic: KFC loyalty club system hacked

Did someone order their chicken extra risky? KFC has alerted members of its Colonel’s Club loyalty system in the UK that its website had been targeted and several accounts potentially compromised.

The 1.2 million members of the club, who can earn and cash in “Chicken Stamps” over repeated visits to the restaurant chain, were alerted by email of the intrusion. They were advised to change their passwords and, if the old passwords were shared with any other sites, to change those as well.

This suggests that the finger-clickin’ good attacker may have had access to password data in one way or another, either through internal databases or by snooping on improperly secured login exchanges. I’ve asked the Colonel for more information on the nature of the hack, what measures the company will be taking to better secure its services, and the accurary of recent leaks describing the exact composition of the legendary 11 herbs and spices.

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