Beyond Good & Evil 2 gets another bit of art

Update: A second bit of art for what looks increasingly like a new Beyond Good & Evil title has been released by the game’s creator Michel Ancel.

The new artwork is that of an anthropomorphic shark, which fans of the original game will recognise – in particular Akuda Bar’s Francis and Rufus.

The shark featured in the image could well be from an in-game model, unlike the first artwork which was clearly from the concept stage.

Ancel acompanied the image with the message: “”Ready for the fight ” independence #ubisoft day”

This is in reference to the Ubisoft shareholder meeting scheduled to take place later today, in which Ubisoft is attempting to remain independent by fighting off a takeover bid from Vivendi.

Original Report: A new Beyond Good & Evil game has been on everyone’s most wanted list for as long as we can remember, and it appears Ubisoft has finally given creator Michel Ancel the chance to make it happen.

Posting on Instragram this morning, Ancel released the following image and caption, “Somewhere in system 4 … – Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !”

Now, tell us we’re wrong, but that cute pig in a hoody could well be a baby version of Pey’j, the adoptive uncle of Beyond Good & Evil’s Jade. Perhaps the man we see in the image is Jade’s father, believed to have died when Jade was very young.

We could be looking at an origins story.

Also, just in case you weren’t entirely sure this is Beyond Good & Evil artwork, Ancel mentioned System 4 in his post, which is the location of the planets from the game.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently told GameSpot that Ancel is working on “two things. He has one game that he is doing as an independent and he’s also working on a game with Ubisoft”.

The independent game is Wild, announced for PS4 in 2014. Let’s hope the Ubisoft game is BGE2.

Source: Michel Ancel

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