Berlin: Kristin Scott Thomas Will Make Directorial Debut in 'The Sea Change'

Scott Thomas will also star in the film base on the critically acclaimed novel.

Kristin Scott Thomas, who earned a best actress nomination in 1997 for The English Patient, will make her directorial debut with romantic drama, The Sea Change, based on the novel by Elizabeth Jane Howard. Scott Thomas will also star as Lillian, and Mark Strong is currently in talks to play her husband, Emmanuel. 

Filming is slated to begin later this year in Europe from Ida screenwriter, Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s, script.

Rocket Science will handle international and US domestic sales.

The Sea Change focuses on a group of people who re-evaluate loss, love, and human connection when they find themselves together on a remote Greek island. Scott Thomas’ Lillian is a witty woman whose marriage to a successful London playwright is in crisis. With the arrival of an outspoken young girl, their relationship is put into perspective.

“Sidney Pollack told me that actors are naturally good film makers and I want to make a film to continue my trajectory as a story teller,” Scott Thomas said of her directorial debut. “The Sea Change asks a question I have been trying to answer in many of my performances – what are the reasons for the thrills and difficulties of love? I want to make a film that has depth, humor and beauty.”

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