'Beauty and the Beast': 9 Differences Between the Live-Action and Animated Movies — and Why They Matter


Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip have a new friend in the castle: Maestro Cadenza, a musician who is transformed into a large and ornate harpsichord on the first floor. He is married to Wardrobe — now named Madame Garderobe (pictured above) — who is housed in Belle’s room on the second floor.

Cadenza and Garderobe are voiced by Stanley Tucci and Audra McDonald, and their subplot of constant separation has viewers empathizing for those beyond Belle and the Beast. It’s outlined in “Days in the Sun,” one of three new songs Alan Menken and Tim Rice wrote for the live-action movie.

“You have more of a back story for these characters so you’d feel invested and want them to be together again. The Wardrobe and the Cadenza can’t ever even see or touch each other — it’s sad!” McDonald told THR. “They’ve all got loves and lives they’re missing, and they feel some culpability for why things have happened, so that makes the ending more emotional.”

Added Hoberman, “We wanted to add a character in an effort to make it our own. We went through a lot of ideas, and that particular one was Bill’s — and he really wanted to cast Audra McDonald in this movie!”

The addition of Cadenza came in handy for the fight between the household staff and the angry villagers. As for McDonald, she loved being with him on set: “The hardest thing about working with Stanley is that you can’t get anything done because he’s making you laugh all the time! I adore him.”

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