8 great gifts for your favorite frequent flyer

Avegant Glyph

Watching a TV show or movie on a plane is the ultimate time waster.

But if you want to watch your own content you’re essentially forced to watch on your tiny phone screen or your bulky laptop, which the whole plane can see (remember watching that awkward Westworld or Game of Thrones scene on your last flight?).

Enter the Avagant Glyph. It’s a headphone-looking contraption with 2 eye holes that project HD content directly into your eyes – so it’s like you’re watching a ~40-inch flatscreen from your couch. It connects to any HDMI device, so it can even play content from your iPhone as long as you have an adapter. And the best part, you can still see what’s going on around you, in case someone on the plane needs to get your attention.

Oh, and as a bonus – they can also be used as plain-old headphones if you wear them over your head and pop in the eye holes.

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